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Our chiropractic team treats patients of all ages. Although many people discover chiropractic care from car accidents or work injuries, chiropractic adjustments offer benefits to everyone. The stresses and strains our bodies endure in daily life can be tended through periodic chiropractic checkups.

Chiropractic care can start from the beginning of life: adjustments are important maintenance during a pregnancy as it improves both the mother and baby. With the changes in weight gain, hormones, and a new body poking around your belly, chiropractic care provides relief as well as a healthy birth. The birth process is stressful for both mother and child, but chiropractors often find it may be the cause of a child’s first misalignment of the spine. On top of learning to walk, riding a bike, and playing sports, children often aren’t taught or practice good posture. When ignored, spinal issues may worsen and become more difficult to correct as an adult.

It’s important to create a healthy pattern of consistent chiropractic care – whether it’s you, your newborn, children, or parents – because we all have spines that require maintenance. Regardless of your age, a better working spine is good for your health.

Seniors are encouraged to visit the office. If needed, we offer curbside wheelchair assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can patients with osteoporosis get chiropractic care?

Of course. The specific needs of each patient are considered. If yours is not a chiropractic case, we'll refer you to the appropriate specialist.

Can I get chiropractic care if I've had back surgery?

Yes. Your chiropractic doctor will avoid areas of your spine that have been surgically modified.  However, surgery often causes instability above or below the involved level. These "reactions" will be the focus of your chiropractic care.

My child doesn’t have neck or back pain, so why do they need a chiropractor?

The chiropractic lifestyle is about prevention. A parent ensures the health and safety of their child by encouraging a healthy diet, active lifestyle and a dental routine, but do you have your child’s spine checked for subluxations (spinal misalignments)? Chiropractic care is about monitoring or detecting and correcting small problems in the spine before they develop into symptoms that debilitate your child’s health.

How can something as natural as being born cause subluxation?

Being born is a natural phenomenon. It's what we've done to the birth process that has become increasingly suspect. In hospitals, a newborn's introduction to the world is often accompanied by a severe drop in temperature, loud noises and other insensitivities. The administration of drugs and anesthesia can have a profound effect on a newborn.

Even today's birthing procedures can put tremendous pressures on a child's spine.  And while the injury from forceps deliveries may be less common today, vacuum extraction and eager hands can do even more damage by pulling, forcing and twisting the baby's young spine.

Why do newborns get chiropractic adjustments?

Even today's "natural" childbirth methods can affect an infant's spine. Preliminary studies suggest that colic, unusual crying, poor appetite, ear infections or erratic sleeping habits can be signs of spinal distress. Newborns adjustments are gentle.

Will adjustments hurt my baby?

This is a common concern among parents who mistakenly think that their child will receive adjustments like the ones they receive. Adjusting techniques are modified for each person's size and unique spinal problem, and an infant's spine rarely has the long-standing muscle tightness seen in adults. This makes a child's chiropractic adjustments gentle, comfortable and effective. Your chiropractor uses no more pressure than you'd use to test the ripeness of a tomato.

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