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Corporate Wellness
A Corporate Wellness Division of Prairielands Chiropractic Clinic

Schedule a Spinal Screening at Your Workplace.


A computerized screening tool is used to detect signs of spinal misalignments.  Spinal misalignments interfere with your nervous system and affect your health and well being. image1171.png

Call today and have a spinal screening scheduled for your staff or fellow employees.

Call: 712-256-2561
* ask for information on workplace health screenings.

Discover Wellness Corporate Lectures
Emphasis on maintenance care.  Stress and disease avoidance strategies as well as prevention-oriented lifestyle modifications are also addressed in detail. 

Corporate Ergonomics
1. Cutting-edge information on alignment, posture and spinal wellness through the proven ergonomic principles of maintenance and prevention.
2. One-on-one, 10-Step ergonomic "walk-around" consultations with your workforce, providing effective, low-budget solutions. Known to instantly boost productivity and reduces stress-related injuries by custom-fitting the employee to their individual workstation.
3. Annual, Biannual or quarterly maintenance and support is also available.

Corporate Wellness Coaching
Wellness Coaching is a perfect addition to your benefits package! We provide unlimited & prevention-oriented wellness coaching for all employees, utilized at their convenience. A live coach, with a Master's Degree or above, will help your employees utilizing lifestyle modification strategies including weight loss, fitness, reducing stress, stop smoking, eating right and much more involving real accountability and up-to-date lifestyle modifications.  Corporate Chair Massage Revs up your workplace and kicks up productivity!  Open chair massage is ideal for keeping multiple employees happy and energized, specialize in lowering stress, improving overall circulation and enhancing office culture.  Monthly and quarterly retainers are also available.

Corporate Health Fair
A perfect addition to your corporate health event or fair!  Includes one-on-one personal wellness strategies, lifestyle health advice, even carpal tunnel screenings.  Instant employee access to information is made available as well as preventative healthcare topics and long-term wellness strategies are personally addressed.

Better Health through Better Living.


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